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Jurassic Park Movies Ranked

These are some of our favorite movies so why not make a top five about the best dinosaur movies ever.

5.) Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Of Course, all of these movies are great but this one just doesn't strike as the best.

It introduced a ton of new characters that were just bad and there wasn't actually a park. The Indominus Rex was cooler than the Indoraptor so that's why it found itself in last

4.) Jurassic Park Two

Now this one was tough to put below Jurassic Park 3 but we felt like Jurassic Park Three stressed and emphasized the Isla Sorna dino vibe better than Two did and The others that are left are just better.

3.) Jurassic Park Three

Now, this one was a movie that gave us a different perspective on the whole Jurassic Park idea which was really cool and it was cool seeing what happened to site B of Jurassic Park and how that's the island where all the dinosaurs were genetically created. It also introduced a few more cool dinosaurs like the big ol' spino.

2.) Jurassic World

This movie also gave us a new perspective on Jurassic Park because all the other movies besides the second Jurassic World gave us the successful version of Jurassic Park before you know the Indominus got out. By the way, the Indominus Rex was the coolest dinosaur in all the movies.

1.) Jurassic Park

Lastly, we have the original. The best of em all. It laid the foundation of it all. The velociraptors were awesome and they introduced a ton of good characters. This one is too good for a long description.

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