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Mandalorian Season 1 Episodes Ranked

Updated: Apr 22

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Recently Disney+ released season two of Mandalorian which inspired today’s post and next time I‘m gonna post the season 2 episodes ranked but we‘re starting with season one which was super cool and was an introduction to bounty hunters. Hope you enjoy!

8.) Episode 5

This episode I honestly thought was trash. It was kind of a call back to when luke and Han Solo were in the Cantina but the “Han Solo” like figure was nothing like him and tried way to hard to be ruthless like a bounty hunter and just didn’t represent well which puts in dead last.

7.) Episode 4

Now, in terms of what Disney was actually going for they did a good job but this episode had almost no resemblance of Star Wars or the vibe, I should say. Anyway, this one just was too nice and happy to be a Star Wars episode and wasn‘t really that cool.

6.) Episode 8

This episode was not that bad but it was just kind of all over the place. It did have some cool scenes like when IG-88 came in and destroyed like basically a whole platoon. This one was not bad by an means but Gidia was not a very good character in my opinion and the entire episode was basically them being held hostage.

5.) Episode 2

This one was also pretty good. It had 1 good battle scene which basically introduced baby Yoda’s power. I didn’t like however how the Jawas are always taking stuff and stealing. The entire episode was based off of getting his stuff back.

4.) Episode 7

This episode was also very cool because it showed how the gang tried to get rid of the empire on Navarro by killing the old man in the bar. It was the framework of the season finally and left a great cliffhanger. It was unfortunate to Kuiil the builder guy die though and I think they shouldn’t have killed him off.

3.) Episode 1

Like most things the original is usually the best but this time it didn’t quite make it. It was a riveting start to the series and to be quite frank it knocked my socks off. It showed how Mando was hunting in the guild. It showed and intro to Kuiil and obviously baby Yoda.

2.) Episode 6

To get straight to the point, this episode was sick. It gave a little context to Mando‘s past and introduced characters that had nothing to do with the plot of the first five episodes. The best part of this episode was all the battle scenes where Mando escaped from the cell, took down tons of droid guards and individually took down all of the gang using his strength, stealth and intelligence. This one barely missed first place.

1.) Episode 3

Now, this episode was so cool because it began the bond between baby Yoda and Mando. He had an incredible fight scene against all those stormtroopers, while using once again his stealth and intelligence to take out high numbers of targets. We saw him as he got his extremely cool new armor from the creed in the sewer which was a great part. Lastly, one of the best parts again was the ending scene where all the Mandalorians came out of the sewers and escorted the two of the planet which leaves it at number 1.

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