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Mandalorian Season 2 Episodes Ranked

Updated: Apr 21

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Hey everybody, I’m back with what was promised which is part 2 of the Mandalorian episodes ranked and I think today is gonna be a good one. Some good reasoning and opinions so sit back, relax and enjoy today’s post.

8.) Chapter 11

Now, to get started we have Chapter 11. This one was definitely a good one but just not good enough. We didn’t see a whole lot of Baby Yoda. Mando’s ship was a wreck but it did introduce some cool characters which were other Mandalorians. They weren’t as cool as Mando and they weren’t good enough to get Chapter 11 higher in the rankings.

7.) Chapter 10

This was the episode everybody was kind of looking for as it was the main highlight of the trailer but it was very underwhelming given how cool the trailer was. It was cool seeing all the spiders and such but basically the whole episode was based around survival and it showed Mando when he wasn’t as cool and confident as usual which is what puts it at number 7.

6.) Chapter 15

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. This one was great as it called back to a lot of things that were in the Star Wars movies. This one is definitely amazing and it deserves more respect but it just wasn’t good enough to rank higher. The best moment of the whole episode was when Boba Fett used his Sonic Charges to take out the Tie Fighter and as a fan of the first 3 in the story line it made me very happy.

5.) Chapter 9

Again, this one had a callback to the other Star Wars movies when they returned to Mos Eisley to visit Baby Yoda’s babysitter which was very funny once again. It was awesome how Mando was able to cooperate with the sand people and they were eventually able to take out the sand dragon who was terrorizing the small town on Tatooine. Once again we got to see Mando‘s fighting talent to take down the Dragon. Also, another thing is we got a glimpse of Boba Fetts return.

4.) Chapter 13

For the first time we got to see the long movie awaited Jedi, Ahsoka Tano. With her dual grey sabers on that dark gloomy planet. It was cool to see her and Mando work together to save the town and reach an agreement for what would come of the kid or as we should say “Grogu”. Great episode and I have no more words for it.

3.) Chapter 12

Now, entering the top 3 is where it starts to get interesting. Here we got a great callback to the original season 1 gang minus the best of all Kuiil. Anyway, we saw everyone work together and take down the what was thought to be an abandoned imperial base. It was cool how they drained the coolant to blow up the place kind of like what Obi Wan Kenobi was trying to do in A New Hope. We got a cool glimpse that fueled tons of conspiracy theories of what the clone facility was and what they were doing. Lastly, we saw the cool blue guy from the very first episode.

2.) Chapter 14

Finally, we see the one and only Boba Fett. The greatest bounty hunter in all of Star Wars’s return. We saw him absolutely dominate against some stormtroopers without his armor, find his armor then absolutely go ballistic with it on. He looked so much cooler in his armor other than his robes. We also got to see him take down the two imperial transport ships with a killer backpack missile. Finally, we got our first glimpse of the dark troopers and the redemption to get back Baby Yoda.

1.) Chapter 16

Finally, we‘re here at the number one spot. We have the season two finally. This is basically a no-brainer. We got to see these cool machines in action. We saw and awesome fight between Moff Gideon and Mando where he won over the dark saber. Finally, the thing that is on everyones mind is LUKE SKYWALKER. The savior of the rebellion and the most famous Jedi. It was the coolest scene in the world watching him single handedly take down all the dark troopers and it gave me the chills. We got to see a sad breakup between Mando and the kid where Mando took off his helmet and sent him away. Number 1 without a doubt.

Hey everybody, thanks for reading today’s post it was a good one. Go check out part 1 which was season one from last week and as always become a member by now hitting the ”become a member” pop up and get updates and exclusively chat and follow other members. Quick update, on May 4th I‘m gonna be combining the two seasons and making a big list so tune in for that and as always have a great day!

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