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Rocky Movies Ranked

Everybody loves Rocky so why not give you our thoughts on the Rocky movies and rank them

8.) Rocky V

This movie was honestly trash. It didn’t give us the typical Rocky vibe and it introduced a couple characters that were horrible. Rocky lost all his money and he didn’t even have a training scene!

7.) Rocky Balboa

This one was a very good movie and it deserves respect. It had a good training scene but Adrian died and restaurant Rocky just isn‘t our favorite Rocky which is why it found itself at number 7.

6.) Rocky II

This one was also great and it honestly pains us to do it. This movie had one of the best training scenes out of them all( After Adrian woke up). Rocky wins the title, Mickey was great as usual but the first part of the movie with Rocky not working hard just made the movie a little worse.

5.) Rocky IIII

Rocky four was weird at the beginning with Paulie’s Robot. The main thing was that they killed off a character who basically just developed and made us all sad, Apollo Creed. But the training scene, Fight, and ending speech made this movie whole and made it great.

4.) Rocky III

Rocky three was a great movie and had a ton of potential. The training scene was pretty good but then again we had sad Rocky. Clubber Lang was a great character and Rocky winning his title back just made the Movie even better. The worst part of this movie was the death of Mickey Goldmill who was our favorite character in the Rocky movies.

3.) Creed

This one had a great start with Adonis having a good job which is not something we see much of in the movies. It showed how Donny and Rocky’s relationship grew and how they became a family with Donny pushing Rocky to beat cancer. This movie amazing.

2.) Creed II

This movie was amazing because it had a great beginning with Donny winning the title and getting engaged. It tied in the Rocky IIII backstory and it had the best training scene in all of the movies.

1.) Rocky

This one is undoubtedly number one and it provides the foundation of all the movies. The meeting of Mickey and Apollo. The love that began between Adrian and Rocky. The training scene. Lastly, we got BUTKUS!

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