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Top Ten Best Candy Bars

Hey everybody, I’m so sorry once again for not posting, I’ve been very busy with school and vacation and such but I’m back with a good post today. A great list with some great candy bars so I hope you enjoy and I’m sorry once again and I’ve also been researching on how to really make this website work so enjoy.

10.) Almond Joy

If you‘ve managed to stay and keep reading my posts you’ll start to see a theme of foods with coconut being on the lists. I love coconut which is why the almond joy gets its spot on the list. Almond joys have the best coconut flavor that goes so well with chocolate and almond. That’s why it belongs at number 10.

9.) Payday

Who doesn’t love a Payday. Get it because... nevermind. If you like peanuts this is an absolutely amazing candy bar. It’s fairly simple which is what makes it good. It would be higher on the list but the peanuts can sometimes taste bad but aside from that it is great.

8.) Hershey’s

Now, the Hershey’s bar is great but at the end of the day it is just chocolate. It is about as good as chocolate can get given how simple it is but the Hershey’s bar is so useful to so many other things like s’mores and such. It finds itself at number 8 because of how well it goes with a s’more.

7.) Milky way

The Milky Way is delicious in its own different combination like the Almond Joy. It is different because of its perfect combination of caramel and thick chocolate. I also love the subtle simplicity of the candy bar which is why it makes it to number 7.

6.) Mr. Goodbar

This is also from the Hershey‘s company and is basically a better version of the Hershey’s chocolate bar. It has the perfect combination to make it nice, smooth, delicious chocolate with nuts in it, but also doesn’t go to far with the sometimes bitter taste of pure chocolate.

5.) Snickers

Debatably, the most popular candy bar on earth is the snickers. They have great marketing with the whole, “Snickers Satisfies” line, but it is still truly delicious with a ton of different flavors like the peanut, nougat, caramel and chocolate that work so well together in producing a great taste. Also a very underrated candy bar. Definitely top 5!

4.) Crunch

This is an absolutely fantastic candy bar. This is the first candy bar on the list to incorporate the crispy rice in the candy bar. It gives the perfect crunch which is why it is called, “Crunch”, but it’s chocolate is also very good and I honestly like it more than Hershey’ chocolate. Very respectable candy bar and at a time in my life it would’ve been number one.

3.) KitKat

Now, the KitKat also has a bit of a crunch to it like the crunch but instead of crispy rice in the candy it is like a cookie wafer which I think gives an even better crunch. It is also a very simple candy bar with a smooth but great taste which is why it rightfully deserves it’s spot in the top 3.

2.) Twix

Like the Snickers there is also a lot going on with this candy bar. It has the best cookie flavor ever and it absolutely incredible. The combination of cookie, caramel, and chocolate makes it taste like heaven. Most people would put this number one and it was very close but this candy bar still deserves a ton of credit and tastes amazing frozen as well. Number 2!

1.) 100 Grand

Lastly, the 100 Grand. This is a perfect candy bar with all of the great elements combined. It has the best caramel flavor out of all the candy bars, Very tasty chocolate and a perfect crispy rice to go along with it giving it the perfect combination. It has the smooth, crunchy taste of a KitKat and the wild combination like a Twix or Crunch. That’s why the 100 Grand finds itself at the top of the list.

If you’ve made it to the end, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. As always become a member in the top right corner and come back next time to read some more. P.S I didn’t count the Reese’s cup as a candy bar. Have a great day!

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