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Top Ten Best Cereals

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Well the results are in for the last week's poll and the "Top Ten Best Cereals" emerged victoriously and I am really excited to make this list because I love cereal. I even had a bowl last night but without ado let's get started.

10.) Basic 4

Now, a lot of people would not include this in the top ten because it is one of the healthier cereals but it is a great thing to start the day with. It is a less dry version of Raisin Bran and has some great other ingredients that have a subtle flavor but still make you feel good in the morning and I always loved picking out the raisins and yogurt bits and eating them by themselves.

9.) Lucky Charms

Now let's be honest. The actual cereal of lucky charms was not very good, but the marshmallows just scream childhood and made me feel so good. The marshmallows are delicious and are truly the only reason they made the number 9 spot. I love LUCKY CHARMS!

8.) Cinnamon Life

Now, Cinnamon life is basically a really good version of the Chex cereal because they always put the perfect amount of cinnamon, it has a smooth, subtle cinnamon sugar flavor that we all love. Cinnamon life is borderline, borderline top five but still definitely deserves recognition.

7.) Frosted Mini-Wheats

Now, Frosted Mini-Wheats have all the tools there and they make a great cereal but there are only two flaws that hold it back. Those flaws are, they get soggy too quickly, if I'm gonna have a big bowl I don't want the bottom pieces getting soggy. Second, this isn't really a flaw but more of a miss out. They only put the frosted on one side which stinks but other than that they are a pretty godly cereal!

6.) Golden Grahams

GOLDEN GRAHAMS! They are a gift to humanity. The perfect honey to graham ratio and are basically the perfect snack to eat as a snack not cereal. It is borderline top 5 because of how good it tastes as hand food to just eat while doing something you love. To me Golden Grahams says relaxation and happiness.

5.) Frosted Flakes

Probably the first cereal I ever ate, the Frosted Flakes. Also a gift to humanity. There are many different bran cereals like this one that are flaky and go well with milk but get soggy quick but this one trumps them all. It’s like eating a tiny glazed donut in every bite and just screams saturday morning to me which puts it at the number 5 spot.

4.) Froot Loops

Now, I grew up with Froot Loops. When I was younger my mom always had to go to work before I got on the bus to go to school so my grandpa would come over everyday to give me breakfast and put me on the bus and most days my breakfast was Froot Loops. This cereal is not only amazing but it has sentimental value in my heart which is what lands it at number 4.

3.) Trix

Everything I just said about the Froot Loops also goes for the Trix. I would also have this cereal all the time and it was my favorite cereal growing up, I liked it even more than Froot Loops because of the many flavors and it didn’t get soggy as easy as Froot Loops did but anyway I also grew up with this cereal and that is why it also has sentimental value to me.

2.) Reese’s Puffs

For the longest time I was never really allowed to do the shopping for things during the week I would always just ride in the cart and play on my moms phone so we always got the same cereal and it was never Reese‘s puffs but until recently I discovered how good a flavor this cereal had. I really have no more words. It’s a perfect cereal and is pretty much tied with number 1.

1.) Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Most people agree with this one. It is a combination of all the great cereals pretty much. It has the honey graham flavor of a Golden Graham. It has the sweet subtle taste like Cinnamon Life. It has the frosted graham taste like frosted flakes and is an even more perfect cereal than Reese‘s Puffs which is what lands this amazing cereal at number 1.

Hey everybody, there is something I wanna get off my chest. I really messed up with this list and I’m too tired to fix it but I would like to take a moment of silence for Apple Jacks which would’ve made my list. Other than that this was one of my favorite lists to make and as always become a member by just typing in your email and you’ll get post notifications. I hope you enjoyed and have a great day!

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