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Top Ten Best Country Artists/Singers

Hey guys, we are back again with another guest blogger and you’ve heard of him before the one and only Jordan Liu. He is a huge fan of country music and I couldn’t hesitate when my good buddy asked to take over the blog. This is a great post that we hope you enjoy and as always log in to access the new members page where you can follow and chat with other members.

10.) Cole Swindell

Although Cole Swindell doesn’t come out with much music he has hit the mark on every album starting off with his Self-Titled debut Album. His best songs are Chillin’ It, Middle of a Memory, You Should be Here, and Break Up in the End.

9.) Thomas Rhett

People love to hate on Thomas Rhett because of his Life Changes Album when he overused autotune on almost every song, but he’s recently gone back to his roots with his 2019 album Center Point Road and upcoming album Country Again. His best songs are Die a Happy Man, Sixteen, Want it again, and Remember You Young.

8.) Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown, the lead singer, is one of the most talented singers in country music, they have a great team and ruled country music in the 2000’s and 2010’s. Their best songs are Whatever It Is, Colder Weather, Chicken Fried and Homegrown

7.) Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton recently released the biggest country record of 2020 with Starting Over. His raspy voice and acoustic style caters to the traditional fans. His best songs are Starting Over, You Should Probably Leave, and Parachute.

6.) Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney has been doing music forever and continues to produce more great records. He has a great range of songs and is great for tailgates. His best songs are Tip of my Tongue, American Kids, Get Along, and Happy Does

5.) Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean has produced countless hits and albums, there is an endless catalogue of songs to choose from and you can just play his albums over and over again. His best songs are Got What I Got, You Make It Easy, Burning it Down, and The Truth.

4.) Chris Young

Chris Young’s last three albums have been right on the money. He’s been making quality music for two decades and most recent release, Famous Friends, may be his best yet. His best songs are Famous Friends, She’s Got A Way, Goodbye, and Town Ain’t Big Enough

3.) Eric Church

Eric Church is one of the faces of country music and was even chosen to sing the National Anthem at this year’s Super Bowl. He’s got a smooth voice and countless hits. His best songs are Talladega, Hell of a View, and Springsteen

2.) Morgan Wallen

Morgan is 100% the best song writer there is, he easily has the best lyrics of anyone on this list. He started off his career with a Bang, with his debut Self-Titled EP with Spin You Around, still one his most popular songs, and his recently released Dangerous the Double Album is likely to be the biggest hit of the year already. His best songs are Chasin’ You, Wasted on You, Spin You Around, Whiskey Glasses, If I Know Me, Whiskey’d My Way, Still Goin Down, and 7 Summer

1.) Luke Combs

Luke Combs is no doubt the face of country music with his two hit albums This One’s For You and What You See Is What You Get. He caters to the old and young generation and has countless hits already this early in his career. He is a go too at tailgates and parties and is no doubt the best artist on the list and will be for years to come. His best songs are She Got The Best Of Me, Even Though I’m Leaving, What You See Is What You Get, One Number Away, Must’ve Never Met You and Hurricane.

Hey everybody, I hoped you enjoyed that post it was quite a good one and I wanna thank Jordan again for giving us this great content today. As you know today was the last day of the week straight posts so after today I‘m going back to posting 3-5 times a week. Like I said above, login in the top right to access the new members page to follow and chat with other members. Hope you enjoyed and have a great day!

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