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Top Ten Best Desserts

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Hey everybody, sorry for the inconsistent posts I'm just coming up on the end of my school year so I've had a lot of studying to do but it's almost over so thanks for bearing with me. Anyway, I've got a very interesting list today with the top ten best desserts so I hope you enjoy and come back next time!

10.) Coffee Cake

Ok, I love coffee cake and not because I drink coffee but because I have a sweet too and coffee cake is pretty sweet. I love eating it and I love making it. I’ve made a blueberry coffee cake once and it’s on my cooking Instagram at Ryansfinecooking. Anyway, it can be breakfast or dessert but either way it‘s delicious.

9.) Ice Cream Sundae

Now, this dessert is self explanatory. Everyone likes Ice Cream Sundaes and they are fairly standard and simple so it can’t be the best but it is very far from the worst. This one doesn‘t have much of a description it’s just great.

8.) Churros

Churros are AMAZING! They are a great Mexican treat and whoever invented them is a genius. It’s basically deep fried dough with cinnamon on it and its simple which makes it good. Definitely one of my favorites putting it at number 8!

7.) Oreo Cheesecake

(From Cheesecake Factory)

Now, There are a lot of different Cheesecakes at Cheesecake Factory and a lot of them are delicious so you can put any one cheesecake down here but Oreo is my favorite because it just is. Everybody likes Oreos, everybody likes cheesecake so just put em’ together and it’s flawless.

6.) Brookie

Now, many of you are thinking, What is a Brookie? The simple answer is it is a brownie and a cookie mixed and that’s just what it is so make of that what you will. Cookies are great, Brownies are great so put em’ together. The thing that puts it ahead of the cheesecake is it is lighter but still delicious and just not as rich.

5.) Bananas Foster Pudding Cake

Okay, in my last post(18 days ago, sorry) I put Bishops Quarter on the small list for local restaurants and this dessert is the reason. It is my favorite dessert but a lot of people don’t like bananas so it’s number 5. To me it doesn’t get any better than this and it is just simply amazing as it also comes with some ice cream. Another plus is the cake is hot with the cold ice cream makes it even better.

4.) Skillet Cookie

The biggest cookie ever. It is literally like it says in the name a cookie that fits in a skillet. It is always served hot and like the number 5 comes with ice cream. If you like cookies you‘re gonna like this better and anyone who’s been to Chili’s knows that they have the best skillet cookie. Sorry for the small, undetailed description but desserts are hard to give reason because they are all great and are personal preference.

3.) Apple Pie with Ice Cream

Like the past 2 rankings the apple pie also is best with Ice Cream but honestly what isn’t. I love pie and Apple is just the best type. Cherry is too sour, strawberry belongs elsewhere, and the other fruits I don’t feel like naming so here you go. Anyone who likes pie knows that this is the best and it definitely deserves a top 3 spot.

2.) Chocolate Mousse Cake

Honestly, I think it should be tied for 1st because it is the most standard, recognized dessert of em’ all and most think that it‘s the best so here’s the top 2 or if you’d like to call it number one then that‘s fine with me. I love chocolate, I love Mousse, I love chocolate and finally, I love cake(Haha). The creaminess that overpowers the richness is just peak for cake and it doesn’t get much better.

1.) Crème Brûlée

And finally, my favorite dessert of them all tied with the number 5 is Crème Brûlée. It is very simple and very awesome. It’s smoothness is great as I am a fan of light desserts so it nailed that category. The best part is its crusted blow torched top. This was an easy decision for me. It may not have been easy or even your choice but to me I love it. Thanks for hearing me out but that’s the best in my book.

Hello everybody, I wrote the intro and the outro and few weeks apart and I want to really come out and apologize for the late post. I’ve had a lot of extremely stressful family medical issues so if you would like to send a kind message my way that would help a lot because I’m going through a lot. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed today’s list and I should be getting back on track here soon with more bangers so thanks for sticking with me. See Ya!

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