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Top Ten Best Fast Food Restaurants

Everybody loves fast food and basically everybody has a different opinion so buckle down and enjoy today’s top ten.

10.) Subway

Who doesn’t love a good subway sandwich. Great fresh ingredients and soft bread. There’s really nothing wrong with subway other than the bread getting too soggy if you wait too long.

9.) Wendy’s

Wendys is one of the best places to get a bite right after you have done something that makes you tired. After every basketball game I played I would go to Wendys Because I always craved it. It always tasted great and it made the top ten because of what it means to me.

8.) Penn Station

Also a great sub shop but Penn Station does more for you. Their subs have better ingredients and is great when toasted which is what they‘re known for. They have delicious fries and the most important thing that puts them above Subway is the bread that is amazing.

7.) Jimmy Johns

Lastly, for the sub shops we have Jimmy Johns. They have the best everything. Their ingredients are so fresh and tasty and never cease to taste good. They also have great bread that is a bit crispy on the inside so it keeps the sandwich together but soft on the outside. Absolutely Delicious!

6.) Taco Bell

Taco Bell is just fantastic and what I said about Wendys changed after I had Taco Bell for the first time in a while. I got a few tacos and boy were they delicious. They have those Cinnabon Delights and Cinnamon Twists that just bring out their menu. Lastly, BAJA BLAST!

5.) Panda Express

Panda express is the best asian fast food in the world. Some would put it top three and others top one. Their fried rice is to die for and it’s something that you can’t not like. Everything on their menu is fantastic which is why it sits in the top five.

4.) Popeyes

Popeyes isn’t the most special place but they have one menu item which is the main and only reason it is up here. The Classic Chicken Sandwich. Recently there has been a debate on who sells the best chicken sandwich and the quick answer is Popeyes. Huge Sandwich. Sweet and savory bun. The chicken is so juicy. The breading sets it apart from everyone else.

3.) Chick Fil-A

Chick Fil A is basically like Popeyes but it barely edges them out because of the rest of there menu. The sandwich is almost as good as the Popeyes but if you slap some Chick Fil-A sauce on there it’s debatably better. They have great milkshakes and a ton of other classics on their menu. Also, Chick Fil-A sells a way better breakfast that is just fantastic and we all wish the breakfast menu was open till noon instead of ten.

2.) Chipotle

Most people would say this is number one. Chipotle is absolutely fantastic and honestly there aren’t any flaws. Everything here is great. All the ingredients are fresh. They taste fresh. All the meat is cooked perfectly and only falls behind number one because of how good number one is.

1.) Five Guys

Lastly, we have Five Guys. There is no burger on this planet better than five guys. The patties are so juicy and tasty and it always comes with the best and freshest other toppings. They have great milkshakes and everything else on their menu is great. Not Easily put number one but it definitely deserves it.

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