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Top Ten Best Ice Cream Flavors

Who doesn't love Ice Cream? Here at Anythingtopten, we love Ice Cream and we hope you'll tune in and hear our list out.

10.) Buckeye Blitz

Coming in at number 10 is Buckeye Blitz because who doesn't love that perfect balance of chocolate and peanut butter, kind of like a Reese's Cup. It tastes so good and it deserves its spot at number 10.

9.) Toffee Chip

Toffee chip is so good it tastes like you are eating a Heath Bar. For all you grandma's out there we're looking out for your love of toffee with number 9.

8.) Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean is so good because of how simple it is. We could never be disappointed when eating Vanilla Ice Cream and it makes the best milkshakes too.

7.) Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

It also has Vanilla Ice Cream in it which makes it great but it gets elevated when you have those big chunks of chocolate that never disappointed and they make for even better milkshakes.

6.) Black Raspberry

Now, this is pretty much one of the only good fruit Ice creams but it honestly kills everything behind it. It always tastes so fresh and we couldn't imagine many Ice creams better than this.

5.) Toasted Coconut

This one is highly debatable and very controversial but, if you like Coconut then this will be one of the best Ice creams you've ever tasted but if you don't like coconut then feel free to dismiss this pick out of your head. Here at AnythingTopTen, we like coconut so it's on the list.

4.) Cookies n' Cream

Everybody knows that the oreo is definitely a top-five cookie and that cookie has been turned into Ice cream so it finds itself sitting in the number four spot with its outstanding taste.

3.) Mint Chocolate Chip

Most would say that this is number one but there are only two above this which is basically the only thing. This Ice cream is perfect but the other two are just a little more perfect. No other Ice cream says summer like this one.

2.) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

This one brings the best of all worlds. It has the great simplicity of vanilla, the powerful sugary taste of the chocolate chips, the summer vibe, and lastly, the childhood feeling of picking out the cookie dough and eating it by itself. Amazing!

1.) Cherry Cordial

Finally, any true Ice cream lover knows this deserves the highest spot because it says joy like none other. It provides the perfect amount of freshness to enjoy, the chocolate, the actual Ice cream, and everything else is why it wins today's top ten.

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