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Top Ten Best Individual Breakfast Foods

Hello everybody, before I start I wanna give another thanks to my good buddy Jordan for helping me out again but to start of todays post when you’re reading this it will probably be bright and early and today we’re gonna be covering what the best foods to start the day with are, so grab your seat and read this while your getting the day started.

10.) Cereal

Now, some don‘t like a good breakfast cereal others love it and here at Anythingtopten I love cereal and it was impossible for me to exclude this from the list because there are so many to choose from. You got your super sugary Captain Crunch or Reese’s puffs or you got your healthy Basic 5, whatever your stomach craves. Cereal is a great food to start the day with which lands it at the number 10 spot.

9.) Biscuits

Ahhhhh, Biscuits! Slap some warm butter on a nice soft biscuit really gives you that awesome early morning sensation on a Saturday and just makes you happy. Biscuits are so good because they are soft and provide a great salty but smooth buttery taste and just tastes like heaven.

8.) Sausage

Definitely a top 2 breakfast meat, we have sausage. Today’s list is going to be short and sweet so to make this quick, sausage goes with everything, on everything and just tastes great which puts it at number 8.

7.) Toast

Also like Biscuits, toast is great morning pick me up that I would argue goes better with some butter or jelly in the morning. Most would say it goes great with a nice hot cup of coffee but I‘m so young that I don’t drink coffee. Toast is basically like a biscuit but has a great crispy crunch to it that takes it to a whole new level.

6.) Scrambled Eggs

A pretty plain breakfast but with a good bit of protein and a big ol’ piece of cheese makes it great and the best morning “Pick me up”. Scrambled eggs I would argue are the best way to cook eggs when they’re nice and creamy. If you need something to eat before an early sports game it’s scrambled egg.

5.) Bacon

Doesn‘t seem like much but, even by itself it is the number one breakfast meat in the world. Like the scrambled eggs it is a great morning “Pick me up” and can be cooked any way and it is still amazing. Definitely the best breakfast meat and packs the best salty or fatty flavor.

4.) French Toast

Now, we‘re starting to dip into new territory as always and it starts with french toast. It is super easy to make, you just slap in into an egg wash and cook it then put some butter and syrup on there and your set. It tastes so good and screams breakfast in bed on a Saturday morning. Super tasty and one of my favorites.

3.) Waffles

Just behind pancakes for only one reason, a good pancake or waffle is supposed to fluffy and airy with a great sweet cakey taste with some butter and syrup on top but a waffle sometimes can get a little to crispy whereas a pancake always stays soft on the inside. Nonetheless waffles are still a gift to mankind and serve as one of the worlds greatest breakfasts of all time.

2.) Pancakes

Like I said above, they barely edge out waffles for their soft, airy and quite frankly delicious taste. They are most peoples favorite breakfast and they almost made it but still they have the most delicious flavor and like I said about the waffles they are also a gift to mankind and definitely deserve the respect most people give them.

1.) Omelet

Finally, for number one we have an omelet. It is the healthiest food on the list, has the most and best flavor and is the all time greatest way to start the day. The more ingredients you add the better it tastes and it doesn’t get better than this. I have a family condo where we belong to a country club and always when we visit there they have a Sunday brunch where the serve fresh made omelets with the best ingredients like an assortment of colored bell peppers, ham, onion, tomato, mushroom, spinach and a bunch of other ingredients that you can put in your omelet and it’s just great. This is my personal experience with omelets which is what lands it at the number one spot.

Hey everybody, back to the end of todays post I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I liked writing it and always make sure to show some support if you enjoy these posts by sharing it to others or becoming a member or subscriber and as always have a great day!

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