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Top Ten Best iPhone games

Now, as a kid, I am currently growing up with video games so I'm going to give my input on my favorite games I've ever played on the iPhone.

10.) Fruit Ninja

Starting it off with number 10, we have Fruit Ninja. This is the first game I ever played. My mom showed it to me when I was 4 years old and I loved just chopping the fruit and then getting the knives and stuff. It was so satisfying and this game holds a special place in my heart.

9.) Angry Birds

This one, like Fruit Ninja, was also one of the first games I've ever played and it was so cool how you could use all these different birds who had different powers and you got to go on to different levels which were super fun. As I said, it was one of the first games I ever played which helped my problem-solving skills on where to launch the bird to kill the green pigs.

8.) Smashy Road

This game probably didn't have the best influence on me as a kid given how the point of the game was to drive away from the cops but, it was still super fun and it gave me something to look forward to because as you got more game money you could spin the wheel to get a cool new car or of course something trash.

7.) Big Win Sports Games

As a sports fan, player, and kid this one covered all the categories. You got the chance to open packs which were so fun because you never really knew what you were going to get. You got to construct your team, give them contracts, jerseys, names and you could use power cards which helped you win. I loved these games and it brings in a bunch of good memories of playing them with my friends.

6.) BTD5

Balloons Tower Defense Five. This is my favorite kind of thinking game. I loved using all these different monkeys to pop the balloons and playing on all the different maps. You wouldn't think so but it is very deep in thinking because some monkeys may not seem as good but they all have different things about them that make them useful. It's also super fun when you get over level 100 and you just have like a million super monkeys.

5.) DragonVale

This one was also one of the first games I ever played and this is one of the most stress relieving games. There is no battle, nothing that can get you mad, you can't lose you just breed dragons and let your creativity and imagination take it from there.

4.) Clash Royale

Now that we're here in the top 5 these are the best games to play. Clash Royale is sooooooo fun. You get to open chests and get cards to make your very own deck. Unlike the Big Win Games, you get to construct your lineup but in Clash Royale you actually have an influence on your characters. This one is by far the best strategy game and I highly recommend it.

3.) Clash of Clans

Now, also from the makers of Clash Royale, we have Clash of Clans. It is very similar to DragonVale with the whole, make a village idea, but this one is a lot deeper. You get to create your village for the idea of defense and making it look really cool. You train your army to attack other people and you can use so many different troops, some better than others and it is also a very fun strategy game.

2.) Minecraft

Most would say this is number one and, to be honest, I'm gonna say it's a tie for first. It is definitely the most popular game ever and there are infinite things to do in the game whether it's mining for diamonds, building a super cool house, going to different dimensions, or just adventuring and testing out all the game's features. There are literally a million things you can do in this game which is what makes it so much fun.

1.) Infinity Blade games

Now, this is my favorite game in the whole world, and here's why. It's a super cool combat game with an even better storyline. You get to go around this area of the deathless and immortal fighting a ton of different bosses in order to obtain all of the infinity weapons and kill the worker who plans on taking a rocket to a moon called heaven. while the rocket goes up he will burn the world and eventually start anew so there are no more deathless people. While going on this quest you can open chests, get money, buy or find armor, swords, other weapons, maps and just about anything. The maps can lead to special side quests where you can find super good stuff like armor and weapons that are the best in the game. Unfortunately, Epic took the game off the app store so the only way to play it is if you downloaded it prior to it getting taken down.

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