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Top Ten Best Marvel Superhero Movies

Hey everybody, I’m back again for day 3 of posting for a whole week straight and boy do we have a good one today. If you are as big of fan of superheroes as I am you’ll like this a lot and I can’t help but thank my good buddy Jordan for helping me out with today’s list but without further ado let’s get started.

10.) Spiderman: Far From Home

This is the newest of the marvel movie and although it is ranked a bit low it is still a great movie and shows a great character arch of Peter Parker who had just lost his mentor Tony Stark after the events of Thanos and this movie really does well in executing Peters feelings after the fact.

9.) Iron Man

Unlike Spiderman Far From Home, Iron man is the first ever marvel superhero movie and boy did they kick it off with a banger. Most of the movies’s plot is based off of a character who uses some crazy magic ability to beat the final villain but in Iron Man 1 Tony Stark just used his raw brain power to construct a nearly indestructible battle suit which is what carried him to victory in the end and stop both Obadiah Stane and the terrorism of the ten rings.

8.) Avengers

Also a classic, Avengers 1 brought us a whole new perspective of the avengers trying to unite to stop a powerful force of space and we didn’t always know it but Thanos was the one trying to conquer earth all along. It was great how Cap tried to be serious and Iron Man was always making hilarious comebacks which gave the movie a certain comic relief and made the movie whole.

7.) Thor: Ragnarok

Now we‘re dipping into new territory of the next tier of marvel movies that just take it up a notch. Most would argue that Ragnarok deserves to be higher and it almost was based on how close all the rest of them are. This was also one of my favorites but the most saddening part was when my favorite place in the MCU was destroyed, Asgard. I loved every Thor movie that had just one perfect shot of the whole golden realm and just made me so happy and when it was destroyed it killed me but it was a fantastic movie nonetheless.

6.) Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This movie was super cool because of the re-introduction of a super cool character, Bucky Barnes. Bucky was an absolute beast and all the best scenes of the movie had Bucky in them. He had a certain literal killer instinct in this movie that made him one of my favorite characters in all of the movies. After Civil War, Bucky became a nice guy again and I honestly didn’t like it as much but his ruthlessness in the movie almost got him to top 5.

5.) Black Panther

Before we go any farther in this description we need a brief moment of silence for one of the best actors in marvel history’s passing, Chadwick Boseman. None of us really knew him but to some he was a great guy and we all loved him on the big screen. Black Panther isn’t just on the list for pity because this movie was astonishing with probably the best villain backstory of all the villains. I loved watching how Kill Monger was trying to gain control of Wakanda‘s resources and begin the conquest of the world to give prosperity to the rest of the world like his father believed. Definitely one of the best movies ever and is actually tied with number 4.

4.) Spiderman: Homecoming

A fantastic movie and reminds me of the true Spiderman everybody knows from the first movies and in the comics. Spiderman is probably the coolest character in the MCU because everybody knows that Spiderman has the best origin story in all of cinema. It was so cool how Peter used his super tricked out suit to take down the bad guys. Tony Stark took away the suit because Peter wasn’t being responsible which led to Peter being urged on to still do the right thing and take down the Vulture.

3.) Captain America: Civil War

Now, This one is absolutely fantastic and in my mind is basically a fifth avengers movie because all the avengers were there pretty much and some more. The only problem with this movie is, as a Team Iron Man kind of guy I personally think Iron Man is stronger than Captain America and would‘ve one the fight if it wasn’t for Bucky Barnes. Still, it was still a extremely action packed movie and was just great and definitely deserves a spot in the top 3.

2.) Avengers: Infinity War

This movie basically brought the MCU back to life by changing a ton of characters normal looks. Steve didn’t have his shield, Bucky got a new name and arm. Spiderman and Iron Man got some extremely cool new nanotech suits, we got to see where Thor actually got the magic hammer Mjolnir in Nidavellir and lastly it just brought every film together by even adding in the guardians of the galaxy.

1.) Avengers: Endgame

Lastly, with the highest grossing movie of all time we have Endgame. There were so many callbacks in this movie from past films, it showed Tony Stark had finally learned to settle down and have a family which was awesome. We got to see a ton of heroes that were kind of secondary heroes come to light and have their own big moments. We saw a hilarious fat Thor. It lastly had the coolest battle scene in all of cinema of all time and every marvel movie built up to the final scene of the fight where Tony Stark made the sacrifice play that Cap never thought he could make. This is no doubt the best marvel superhero movie of all time.

I’m glad you’ve made it to the end that was a long list but it was a good one and I hope you enjoyed. As always become a member in the top right by logging in or subscribe at the bottom but I’ve been writing for awhile and I need to go to bed so good night everybody I’ll see you tomorrow!

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