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Top Ten Best OG Naruto Fight Scenes

Hey everybody, once again we have a new guest blogger that goes by the name of Max Carver. He's written out a great list and I hope you all enjoy it. His Instagram is max.carver513 so go check that out. I personally don't watch the show but I'm sure that this list is great and if any of you ever have ideas make sure to put them down on the community tab and maybe you'll get your turn, taking over the blog. Without further ado let's get started.

1.) Rock Lee v Gaara

This fight hands down is a top 3 on all lists but for us it is number 1. This fight told us that “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. The underdog, Rock Lee showed us the power of taijutsu and speed. Gaara’s ultimate defense(his one tail) was almost impossible to beat with the fact that Gaara’s sand blocks the attacks, but Rock Lee’s speed was almost unmatchable but in the end (spoiler) Gaara pulled through and won when his sand attached itself to Rock Lee’s arm and leg and paralyzed him.

2. Naruto v Gaara

This fight showed us the sheer will power of Naruto and he never gave up no matter how close he was to dying. Naruto's toads battled against Gaara's One Tail9 and it was a very even fight. This fight taught Gaara a life lesson that stuck with him his whole life, “life is better to be with friends”. Gaara before this fight has lived his life all alone without anyone in his world but thanks to Naruto he finally found a friend. (Spoiler) this fight ended up with Naruto on top and this was a main point in the failure of the sands attack on the leaf village

3.) Neji v Kidoumaru

Not many people know who Kidoumaru is based off of his name, but he is known as the spider monster Neji fought to rescue Sasuke. This fight showed us the fault in the Bakugan7. The Bakugan only saw 359° and Kidoumaru took that for advantage. Kidoumaru used a Spider Summoning to spit toxic on Neji, the only way for him to escape it all is if he dodged them all. Kidoumaru found his blind spot and hit him where it hurt. Amazingly, (Spoiler) Neji cutched out by throwing back knives to get him. This would have been the perfect death for Neji but someone he made it out alive.

4.) Naruto v Neji

Coming in at number 4 we have Naruto v Neji. This fight was the first round of the chunin exam and was necessary for Neji's life. In this fight Neji was the clear favor of his Bakugan7 which could see all of his chakra3 points. Naruto (a close range fighter) had to engage in close range what seems like suicide against a gentle fist user. Gentle fist is a type of fighting method in which one can touch one’s chakra points8 and cause damage to where they won’t be able to use their chakra for the rest of a fight (chakra is their power). Naruto used his clones to deceive Neji into thinking he was a clone and blasted him with a rasengan (a ball of chakra) Naruto than faked his death during this fight only for him to come out what literally looked like his grave (spoiler) and uppercut Neji in his face causes him to faint and lose. (Naruto wins)

5.) Naruto, Kakashi, Sasuke v Zabuza, and Haku

Ahh, the first fight in Naruto. the mission was for Naruto, Kakashi and Sasuke to export an individual until they came across a terrorist named Zabuza and his trained young one Haku. Kakashi and Zabuza have fought in the past and have lots of history. Zabuza is apart of a group called the 7 Ninja Swordsmen and uses a blade called the executioner blade. Naruto, Kakashi and Sasuke use their teamwork to fight. Kakashi took on Zabuza for round 2 while Naruto and Sasuke took on Haku. Both of them were very inexperienced but still fought their hardest. (Spoiler) Naruto and Sasuke killed Haku and it tore apart Zabuza. He wanted to murder Naruto and Sasuke but Naruto used his strong words to change his mind. Zabuza said “your words cut deeper than any sword could have” Zabuza knew he would go to hell but he wanted to take the boss that made him kill hundreds with him. He ended up did and the day was saved. This gave Naruto his will of fire

6.) Naruto v Sasuke

This is coming in at a very high spot for how important it is to the plot but honestly while watching this, I was bored. I could honestly predict that would happen and it made me disappointed. This was Naruto and Sasukes goodbye. And it was very emotional. Sasuke wanted to obtain power and it took over his emotions. Sasuke went to the bad side and became Orochimaru's student. Sasuke knew what this would mean, he would be a rogue ninja and a criminal. Sasuke didn’t care, he wanted his main goal, to kill his brother. He knew this was the right thing to do for it as well. (Spoiler) Naruto tried everything to bring back Sasuke but never got him to come back. This was Naruto's main drive, to get Sasuke back.

7.) Temari v Shikamaru

First round of the chunin exams. This fight we go on to the next round of the tournament and they only way I thing I can compare this fight to is a chess match. This whole fight it looked to be a cake walk for Temari with her wind power but Shikamaru figured out a way to outsmart her with his shadow possession jutsu5. He first waited for the sun to go down so his shadow could cross farther. Temari figured this out and made a line to figure out how far his shadow could stretch. He then threw balloons and used the shadow from the balloons to try to capture her. (Spoiler) Temari escaped all of these strategic attempts but left her guard open when she forgot about the shadows underneath the ground. She then was caught by the shadows in the ground from a hole that was made previously. Shikamaru had this fight in the bag but then gave up because he ran out of chakra. Temari won but it didn’t feel like she did.

8.) Shikamaru v Tayuya

Shikamaru, the only ninja in the show to have an IQ of 200, was up against one of orochimaru's tools that was powerful enough to control summoning creatures2 with a flute. Her patterns & frequents that she would use controlled the creatures to fight. Shikamaru knew this wasn’t good and used his brain to track down the movements and connected them to the way she would play her frequents and patterns. (Spoiler) He than tracked them down and countered her attacks this ended up in a win in Shikamaru’s favor with a little help from tamari

9.) Tsunade, Jeriyah, and Naruto v Orochimaru and Kabuto

The legendary sannin + Kabuto and Naruto ended up in an insane fight. The goal for Jeriyah and Tsunade and Naruto was to defeat Orochimaru so he couldn’t attack the leaf again. This fight wasn’t really a fight between them rather than their summoning animals2. They all talked each other down and had a little fighting but it was more of a stand off. Naruto and Kabuto was the real battle, they fought to the death(kinda). (Spoiler) this fight lasted 5 episodes and it was more about how confident Kabuto was but Naruto figured out how to beat him. He used his rasengan4 to finish him off, only for him to heal himself and escape.

10.) Choji v Jirobou

This fight set the tone for the rest of the Sasuke rescue mission. We got to see Choji, who was a severe underdog, show his will power through his jutsu and food pills1. Jirobou was clearly stronger than him but with the food pills1 of Choji he figured out how to use his clan's power to outmatch his opponent. With each pill he took he got stronger and stronger. (Spoiler) Surprisingly, with the power of the pills he won. The last pill he took should have killed him but he dodged death. Choji was willing to kill himself to save a friend.

1:Food pills: Food pills are a chakra boost that are extremely hard to find but help you in battle

2:Summoning creatures: This are animals that are used to help the fighter in a battle. This animals have an extreme use of a certain type of chakra3 that is used to fight.

3:Chakra: Power/Energy inside of the ninja that lets them make jutsu

4: rangsangan: a jutsu that is a ball of chakra3 which is used to deal damage

5: shadow possession jutsu: this is a type of jutsu when casted use shadows to capture the opponent. When captured they are paralyzed and they move when the caster moves. such as if the caster were to run or walk the one captured would run or walk.

6:will of fire: a ninja's way of being a ninja. Narutos will of fire is to always stay true to his word. and no teammates left behind.

7: Bakugan:The Bakugan is a type of eye that can only be obtained if you are born in the hyuga clan. This type of eye was supposed to be able to see 360° and see someone chakra points

8: chakra points: where the chakra is stored

9: One tail: there are 9 tailed beasts spread across the world each with insane power (different from the summoning animals). Each is stored inside what is called a jinchuriki. A jinchuriki is a person with a tailed beast sealed inside. Naruto holds the 9 tails while Gaara hold the 1.

Hey everybody, it's me again I hoped you enjoyed max's fantastic list even though I had no idea what any of them were. Anywho, as always if enjoyed you can become a member by hitting my new members tab where you can follow other members and chat. Lastly, if you have any ideas for lists right them down in the community tab and you might get your shot at taking over the blog. Have a great day! Max's Instagram link is max.carver513 so go show him some love. See ya!

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