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Top Ten Best Pizza Places

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Hey everybody, sorry for the little post delay but I’m 13 and I’ve been pretty busy with school stuff but I’m back today and I’ll be here tomorrow as well. Anyway, I‘ve got a good one today and I hope you enjoy!

10.) Sbarro

To begin, I haven’t had this pizza much, I’ve actually only had it once but the time I did have it, it was generally pretty good I would say crust 4/5, cheese 3/5, sauce 2/5 and toppings 4/5. So generally a pretty well rounded pizza and this list being so controversial will mostly be done with a number system so you guys don’t get mad at me when I do something you don’t like.

9.) Marcos

Now, I have many experiences with Marcos and a lot of the time it is very good so I will definitely have a good bit what to say here. I love the crust so 4/5, the cheese is usually OK but they tend to make it a bit greasy so I’m gonna give it 3/5, the sauce isn’t there much but it is still good so 3/5, lastly the toppings being the worst part 2/5. Still a delicious pizza nonetheless but just didn’t have the chops to move forward.

8.) Little Caesars

Ok, so, now that we have Little Caesars we’re gonna add the convenience factor. Little Caesars gets a 5/5 for speed. They usually have it ready within minutes which is fantastic if your cranky and hungry. The crust is decent but the worst part with a 2/5. Sauce isn’t really there but is still good so it’s a 3/5. The cheese is amazing with a 4/5 putting it up more and lastly the toppings with a whopping 3/5 because they are just average good pizza toppings. Great spot for convenience.

7.) Donatos

Also a chain I’m not as familiar with is Donatos. I’ve really only had it a few times but it’s always good and has good timing on it as well.

Convenience is good but not Little Caesars good so 4/5. Crust is pretty good with a solid 4/5. Sauce is definitely good with another 4/5. And with a trend going on the cheese is great but is also a 4/5. Finally we have the toppings with a 2/5 and I don’t like it that much but still a great pizza.

6.) Larosa’s

Now, I don’t really know if this is a chain or a local place so I’m just gonna put it borderline top 5 because this is the most popular pizza in my family’s household and in fact I had Larosa’s the night I’m writing this. I am very familiar with it so I’m not gonna rate it with all this I’m just gonna say it is a very good pizza and has very little flaws except for the occasional under cook. Otherwise, a fantastic pizza.

5.) Blaze Pizza

Once again, I’m not gonna number rate it but this place honestly beats Little Caesars for convenience. It had the best vibe inside the restaurant where you get to pick your ingredient, you see them make it, it isn’t suspicious, and it’s brick oven baked which is really good to me and I just like to see how everything is fresh there landing it at number 5. Also Lebron James works here in the off-season I heard to pay bills!

4.) Papa Johns

Now, I know a lot would say it’s at least top 3 but just barely missed it with the number 4 spot. Back to the number system we have a 4/5 on crust because it is very good and had almost no flaws so definitely up there. Sauce is the worst part of the pizza but up in top 5 nothing is bad so it’ll get a 3/5. The cheese here is the best and I’m gonna give a whopping 6/5 and before you comment I know that’s not possible but it gets a bonus because it’s just great so number 4 it is.

3.) Dewey’s

Once more, I’m gonna get even more hate because my friends love deweys and I do too just not enough to put it in first. Also, I’m not super familiar with it but I’ve absolutely had it enough to know that its not number 1 good.

Anyway, Crust is not the best part at all but is still good with a 3/5, sauce is 4/5, Cheese is 5/5, toppings lastly are also 5/5. Deweys is delicious but there isn’t much else to say other than welcome to the top 3.

2.) Jets

Now, jets gets basically a perfect score on the number system with a small bonus of 6/5 on the crust. Absolutely insane. Great thick crust and is perfect in every aspect and truly the only thing holding it back is the fact that its square. What are they trying to pull? Pizza is round, We’re not in anarchy like come on just fix it. Anyway, still a fantastic pizza leaving in the number 2, runner-up spot.

1.) Dominoes

This is probably long awaited by the most people, but anyone who truly knows pizza will agree that Dominoes is number 1. The best crust ever and I honestly like it more than jets as it just has a better taste and isn’t burnt around the edges. It is good in all forms of crust whether it be thin, traditional, pan, it doesn’t matter it is the greatest crust and the greatest cheese, and the greatest toppings and probably not the best sauce but still is very deserving of the number 1 spot.

Hey everybody, I hope you don’t hate me for that list but pizza is just so controversial so cut me some slack if I didn‘t meet your needs. Anyway, at this point you should know how to become a member but other than that I hope you enjoyed and have a great day!

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