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Top Ten Best Rappers in the 2010’s Decade

Updated: May 5

Hey everybody, as usual, we have another guest blogger. One of my best friends, a music whisperer, a lyrical mastermind, Matthew Koehne! Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this list.

10.) A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

If I were doing completely based of opinion he would be my 5 but I have to factor in some things he has a great voice and his flow is some of the best he is overall just amazing and I would have his top 5 songs as 5.drowning 4.mood swings 3. Me and my guitar 2.numbers 1. Jungle

9.) Mac Miller

I personally love Mac Rest In Peace. He had a great flow to his music. He was a slow paced rapper. I have a bunch of his songs on my playlist. My favorite thing about him is what he is rapping about like sometimes it’s funny and other times its sad but my 5 favorite songs by him are 5. Donald trump 4. Dang! 3.self care 2. The spins 1. 2009

8.) Jay Z

He was great but almost all of his hits were in the late 90’s early 2000’s he only has like 10 songs since 2010 which just is not enough to be higher he would 1 or 2 though if we were counting his career but his top 5 is 5.big pimpin 4. U don’t know 3. 99 problems 2.Dead presidents 1. Where I’m from

7.) Travis Scott

I personally don’t like Travis very much but I have to include him for how much he has done he has been a live event on fort nite and also a meal at McDonald’s but his top 5 is 5.HIGHEST IN THE ROOM 4. Antidote 3.stargazing 2. Butterfly effect 1. Goosebumps

6.) Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick has been amazing in the 2010’s and he was amazing in the 2015-2016 he had some amazing songs he is now out of his prime but you can still vibe with his music any day of the year my top 5 for him is 5. The greatest 4. How much a dollar cost 3 ADHD 2 humble 1 dna

5.) Juice world

Rest In Peace it is so sad to se that he died I believe that he would be top 3 if he did not pass how ever he did so I have him at 5 he has albums that don’t have a bad song and what ever mood you are in he will have songs for that mood his top 5 is 5. Lucid dreams 4.up up and away 3. Autograph 2. Legends 1. Black and white. This was hard because there are other songs like lean wit me wishing well robbery bandit fine China that could also be in this list

4.) Kanye west

This guy is the most popular on this list because he makes shoes and even went for president but his music has great flow and he has some songs everyone loves the only reason he isn’t higher is because he doesn’t have that many great songs but his top 5 is 5.n in Paris 4. Flashing lights 3 homecoming 2 runaway 1 gold digger

3.) Lil Uzi Vert

Lil uzi vert is one of the ones on this list that is still dropping bangers he has had a very long prime and just does not miss I have him at 3 he could really be anywhere in at least you top 7 but his top 5 songs are 5. New Patek 4. Money longer 3. Xo tour life 2. Erase your social 1. The way life goes

2.) J Cole

I am really starting to think that he doesn’t have a bad song like I can listen to his music all day he is one of my favorites. The only reason he isn’t one is because he is out of prime his top 5 are out 4.G.O.M.D 3. Middle child 2 wet dreamz 1 no role modelz

1.) Drake

So drake has been fire for 7 years now no misses him and j Cole are right there but I think drake comes on top has a nice flow good lyrics every vibe you want he delivers he does not miss it’s crazy his top 5 songs are 5.Gods plan 4 The motto 3. Life is good 2 started from the bottom 1 trophies

Hey everybody, hope you enjoyed Matthew's list I sure thought it was a good one. As always become a member in the top right or on the exclusive members page, it’s completely free. Show this some love and have a great day!

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