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Top Ten Best Snacks (Chips)

I'm finally back from that little week break I know I just started but I had school to catch up on. Anyway, we got a good one today with the top ten snacks.

10.) Nacho Cheese Doritos

To start off we have a classic. Everyone likes these and they are so cheesy to a point where it’s actually insane and they are covered in cheese. They are amazing just not as amazing as something else on this list so it's number ten.

9.) Funyuns

These are a very good snack that distinct's itself in a different way. It's not your typical chip which is why it's on the list and it would be higher but you have to enjoy onion flavor to like them.

8.) Garden Salsa Sun Chips

These are also classics and they set themselves apart just like the Funyuns but a lot more people like Spicy Salsa than onion and the actual chip itself is better than a Funyun so there it is at number 8 and they are delicious.

7. Baked Lays

The most classic of them all. Some chips don't need anything to add but salt and this is one of them. One of the best actual chips outside of seasoning is the baked lays and if you disagree then you're crazy.

6.) Barbeque Pringles

These are kinda like the baked lays in terms of the chip because they're basically the same but the seasoning on this pringle is to die for and it is really the only reason it deserves to be ahead of Baked Lays.

5.) Cheetos

The best cheesy snack of all time. Super good crunch kinda, it reminds me of the breading on a chick-fil-a sandwich, you get to lick the cheese off your fingers and it's just great and brings back memories.

4.) Hot Cheetos

Basically the same as Cheetos but a little bit spicy. The spice brings out a lot of flavors and memories just like the original Cheetos so it truly deserves its spot at number 4 in the top 5. Nostalgic.

3.) Hot Chili Pepper and Lime Taki's

A relatively new snack that is just amazing. Like I said about the Hot Cheetos and how they bring out a lot of flavors, this brings out 10 times as many, you can taste the great chip, the hint of lime, the seasoning, and the incredible spice. Absolutely amazing.

2.) Barbecue Lays

These are the best Lays chip in the world and nothing tops it. They have the best barbeque flavor in the world. The Barbeque Pringles don't taste that much like barbeque but these do and it tastes amazing in fact so amazing you can take down a whole bag in 20 seconds.

1.) Sweet and Spicy Chili Doritos

Absolutely insane taste. It's got a ton of flavor starting with that sweet brown sugar, cinnamon kind of taste and then the little hint of spice comes in with a little chili. These chips are borderline perfect and there is nothing I would change about em'. You can kill an entire bag of em' and drink a whole pitcher of water and just like that it's the best day of your life. Period.

Thanks for Reading today's post and I'm sorry for the delay I've just been busy with school so I'll see you the day after tomorrow. Once again if you enjoyed become a member in the top right and help me get this thing boomin'. Have a wonderful day!

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