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Top Ten Best Sodas

Hey guys I’m back with a new post again today, it’s quite a good one and I think you‘ll like it. I mean who doesn’t love a great, refreshing soda all the time and I’m here to say what the best ones are.

10.) Canada Dry Ginger Ale

Now, to kick it off Canada Dry. It almost didn’t make the list because I originally didn’t consider it a soda but you can’t exclude it because it is truly delicious. It’s super refreshing, its smooth, makes your stomach not hurt if you have a stomach ache and is truly great which is why I put it down at number 10.

9.) 7 Up

Also a great soda we have 7 up. Basically a knockoff of sprite but is still delicious. A little smoother flavor than sprite and a little bit less flavor as well. They also make a ton of flavors like sprite that taste almost as good as well which is why it is number 9.

8.) Fresca

An older drink but newly popular it has a delicious soda provides a smooth taste with low calories and has a great fruity flavor. A perfect drink for one trying to not go crazy with the calories and is one of those drinks that aren’t bad for you but still taste good. It has ton of fruit flavor and in terms of a fruity drink it doesn’t get much better.

7.) Fanta

Now, also a different drink, we have Fanta. The best orange drink in the game because it has tons of flavor. It’s very fruity which makes it super refreshing and it gives a great summer vibe and who doesn’t love a good vibe, am I right? Definitely one of my favorites even though it is ranked a bit low.

6.) A&W Root Beer

Root Beer itself is such an amazing drink and is very different from any other drink like Coke which is what sets it apart. It tastes so creamy and also gives you that chill summer vibe that everyone is always looking for. It is impossible to not like root beer and A&W takes it to a new level of delicious.

5.) Mountain Dew

A very sugary drink that has a ton of caffeine and is a very suitable replacement for coffee because it will get you up in the morning. I said Root Beer had a different taste but Mountain Dew has a completely different taste and it check marks all aspects of a great drink. It has a good fruity summer taste, a ton of flavor, super refreshing and is just a great drink.

4.) Sprite

Now, instead of the knockoffs we have the real drink. Sprite! Everybody loves Sprite literally. It is the most refreshing soda of all of them and also provides the best summer feeling. It has a smooth but sweet cold taste even when it’s not cold. It is probably the most common soda in the world because of how refreshing drink and still brings the great fruity taste.

3.) Dr. Pepper

Some would say that this is number one and it almost is but the number one and two just barely edge it out. It is an amazing cherry drink which I think is the best fruit flavor in a soda. It is very refreshing and is my order at a restaurant 50% of the time. All my friends and family love Dr. Pepper so I just couldn’t exclude it from the Top 3.

2.) Pepsi

Now, there has been a huge debate over what is better Pepsi or Coke but in my opinion it’s coke and here’s why: Coke packs a lot more flavor than Pepsi which is honestly the only reason it edges Pepsi out and they are both super sugary and refreshing. They both also have their own cherry flavor which I like better than Dr. Pepper which is why they come in at 1 and 2.

1.) Coca-Cola

Finally, the top of the list we have Coke. Coke is probably the favorite in the world and it is mine as well. It is sooooo’ refreshing and packs a general different flavor as well as some of the others. It is usually my drink order other than Dr. Pepper and is as good as it gets for soda. If you can visualize summer it’s a glass bottle of Coke and I know I’ve mention the “Summer Vibe“ a bit too much but it doesn’t get much better than Coke which finalizes today’s list.

Hey everybody, thanks for reading today’s post, I’m trying to make up for my 10 day absence by posting everyday for a week so come back tomorrow for another one to enjoy and I’ll see you some more this week. As always if you enjoyed become a member by hitting the three bars in the top right then hit login to get post notifications or just subscribe and that would make my day. See you tomorrow and have a great day!

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