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Top Ten Best Sports Movies/Shows

Today we have a guest blogger Adam Lake who is going to give his rundown on the top ten best sports movies/shows. Enjoy and find his Instagram down below.

10.) Semi-Pro

One of the Will Ferrell classics, you can’t exclude this one from a top ten because it’s just hilarious and it never gets old. It has a ton of moments where we wish we weren't anywhere else but on the couch watching it. It is mainly funny because it tries to make out the tropics to be the hero team and the protagonists in a really funny way. This one‘s for you Jackie Moon.

9.) QB1

Qb 1 is about the top QB's in high school football. This show found its spot on our list because it gives us a sense of perspective on how hard high school athletes who really care about what they do, put in to get something out

8.) We are Marshall

It hurts me to do this but it is only low on the list because not many people have seen this one. This one is fantastic because instead of showing the development of one individual but it shows the development of a team through a new coach who led them to victory.

7.) Rocky/Creed Movies

Now if you saw our last post on Rocky you'll see what we really think about these movies. These ones are about as good as it gets when they talk about characters who have come from the most unlikely beginnings and always overcome challenges.

6.) All American

This one is a great show that is relatively new and is still very big. It will have you on the edge of your seat while seeing how one football player from Crenshaw can continue to play great ball and give us a great spectacle.

5.) The Blind Side

Now the Blind Side, an absolutely fantastic movie that shows us how a kid who lost his mom to prison and starts out with nothing can have his life changed because of one family willing to take him in and support his dreams just as they would their own kids.

4.) 42

This one is basically a point of view from an all-time famous baseball player Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson was the first player to ever steal home. This not only was a big sports accomplishment but it broke the barrier for all races to be included in sports and 42 illustrated this great moment in history perfectly.

3.) Miracle on Ice

This movie illustrates that hard work always beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. It shows that the US hockey team is able to beat USSR because they went along with that quote. The US ultimately wanted it and worked for it for than USSR which lead to a great moment in sports history.

2.) Greater

This movie also shows a new perspective because Brandon Burlsworth didn't have a horrible start and wasn't the reason for his teams' success but he put the team before him and kept on working hard which lead to him getting a starting spot on Arkansas's starting lineup.

1. Remember the Titans

This one is undoubtedly the number one. Once again it gives a new perspective but this time it was about teamwork and creating a family within the team. It gives many life lessons and was all around a great movie that proves how team chemistry is the most important thing and leads to a teams' success.

Hope you enjoyed today's guest blogger Adam Lake. If so, leave a like and become a member in the top right. Adams Instagram is adam.lake22. Have a great day!

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