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Top Ten Coolest Star Wars Planets

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Hello guys, I’m sorry for the late night post but I figured that I would finish off the week with another Star Wars post given how I missed my second post on Tuesday but anyway I’m here tonight with a good one if your a big Star Wars fan like me. If not, leave here and go check out some different post. Hope you enjoy!

10.) Canto Bight

Now, coming in at 10th place we have the rich planet in The Last Jedi and honestly I would rank this planet higher if I didn’t hate The Last Jedi so much as I thought Disney completely ruined Star Wars and made the worst movies ever. Anyway, this planet still gets my respect as it is still cool and beautiful.

9.) Bespin

Now, This planet was from my second favorite movie in the series and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it on the screen. You’ll find in tonight’s list that all the planets are very cool it’s basically just about how cool the scenes were on the planet and I thought it was great on Bespin and there’s not much else to say about it.

8.) Kamino

Ok, now we‘ve hit a planet that is less beautiful and charming but more intense, detailed and exciting. This is one of the more different planets in Star Wars as they are tall skinny versions of the aliens we typically imagine here on earth. Anyway, the clone planet of Kamino was both cool and I enjoyed the brief fight scene between Jango Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Also, of course it was awesome seeing all the clones in that facility.

7.) Geonosis

Also in Attack of the Clones, we have Geonosis. Where the Clone Wars began, where the love of Anakin and Padme was confirmed, and where the Sith‘s plan started. Geonosis was an awesome planet because of all the aliens and monsters they used for execution and simply because of how good a hiding spot for the Sith it was. Definitely an awesome planet.

6.) Kashykk

The home world of the Wookie’s, the home world of Chewbacca the awesome beach-like planet of Kashykk. We didn’t see much of this planet but I genuinely wished I could see more on the big screen but regardless it was still an awesome planet and deserves its spot at number 6.

5.) Tatooine

Here at the birthplace of Star Wars we have Tatooine. It where Luke Skywalker grew up, it’s where the chosen one Anakin Skywalker grew up it‘s simply in the top five because of what it means to me and how it was the first and most seen planet in Star Wars. Every scene on that planet was great and it was also even cooler when we got to see outside of Mos Eisley and the moisture farms in The Mandalorian. Definitely deserving of a top five spot.

4.) Hoth

Now, as a fan of the second trilogy as I’m young I grew up with the second trilogy and I loved it I enjoyed those planets more than others but when it comes to the original trilogy Hoth was a no-brainer for me in the number 1 for the original trilogy and like Tatooine every scene shot here was great but not just great, it was amazing. Most would like to see it ranked higher but I think it belongs here at number 4.

3.) Coruscant

The most civilized planet in Star Wars, we have Coruscant. This is where the schemes of the Sith began and corrupted young dumb Anakin Skywalker into killing the person he loved the most. Coruscant was a mix of a ton of cool cities in the world like, New York, Tokyo and some crazy other city on a different planet that has flying cars. Anyway, Coruscant also was apart of the second trilogy and will always have a special place in my heart.

2.) Naboo

Also in the second trilogy we have Naboo. The beginning of the trade federation and the droid army. This planet not only was beautiful like shown in Attack of the Clones but it is where the original master of Anakin, Qui Gon Jinn, was killed. He would’ve been a great master for Anakin as he defied some of the Jedi teachings but used them for good and he could‘ve taught Anakin the same. This doesn’t mean much for Naboo but it is still cool in different ways like in Attack of the Clones, we saw the Gungan City which was pretty cool so overall it was an awesome planet.

1.) Mustafar

Finally, coming in at number 1 we have Mustafar for just about every reason. It follows all of my criteria. It is in my favorite Star Wars movie, had the coolest scene in all of Star Wars Cough Cough* The Jedi battle, it had the coolest pictures of all the lava and any smart person would agree. This is easily the coolest planet and I genuinely hope you agree. Without a doubt, Mustafar easily finds its place at number 1.

Hey everybody I hope you enjoyed tonight’s list and I’m sorry I thought I could make the most before Saturday but I waited too long and I’m posting this around midnight but anyway once again I hope you enjoyed and I encourage you to become a member as always and Have a great day or night or whenever you’re reading. See Ya Later!

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