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Top Ten Cutest Dog Breeds

Updated: Apr 9

This one is to appeal to a bigger audience *Cough Cough* Girls. I do think a lot of people will like this post as dogs are pretty cute. Enjoy everybody and have a good day.

10.) Schnauzer

Schnauzers are super cute dogs that are basically the more athletic version of a Shih Tzu. They are very energetic and are very nice family dogs.

9.) Husky

The closest relative to the Wolf, we have the Husky. This dog isn’t the most cute dog through adulthood but is absolutely beautiful and less cute but as a baby they are just a big beautiful, cute fuzzball!

8.) Corgi

Next, we have the queens dog. The corgi is just adorable and always wears a very cute smile. I’m pretty sure the queen has like 50 of these dogs in the palace! A great family dog and super cute. They have a slick but strong build and they are a lot like a Dachshund but bigger.

7.) Yellow Labrador Retriever

This dog is built a lot like the Husky because they are about the same size. The Lab is also a very cute dog when young because it is just about as fluffy and cute as the husky while young and through adulthood they settle down and like to relax with their parents and are great family dogs.

6.) Saint Bernard

The only big dog on this list is the super cute Saint Bernard. This big monster of fur is so cute when they are a baby because they are already pretty big and has the same type of baby fur like a husky or lab. They are a very funny dog because they are always in a good mood with a big smile on their face.

5.) Basset Hound

Probably one of the best family dogs is the Basset Hound. This dog is very lazy and just goes through life like a breeze. They like to relax and enjoy the outdoors all the time. The cutest thing about this dog is when they run with their big ears and stubby legs it’s adorable.

4.) Havanese

This dog isn’t quite that popular yet but they are super cute and small. They have tons of energy and they love to be around you, in fact they are known as the “Velcro Dog” because they always want to be around you. This breed originating in Cuba loves the hot environment and they rightfully deserve their spot at number

3.) Shih Tzu

Probably the most popular small dog in the world is the Shih Tzu because of their very furry body that stays there their entire life because they don’t change their coat of fur much. This is a very nice dog and is really slow so they just kind of bounce around and enjoy your presence. Super cute dog and I highly recommend.

2.) French Bulldog

One of the stronger built small dogs is the French Bulldog. They have one of the cutest little smiles with their big canines falling over their lips. They always just bounce around and love to play with you. They also have the cutest ears that stick up in the air. Super cute dog and I also recommend.

1.) Dachshund

Finally, in first place we have the Dachshund. This is my favorite dog in the whole world. They have the cutest body given how they are shaped like a big hot dog which is how they get the name “Wiener Dog”. I grew up with a Dachshund and he was very sweet and they always begged for food which is a quality most people wouldn’t like but I found it adorable. The best part is how they just wobble around and enjoy life.

Thanks for reading today’s post and sorry for the wait again, I am in a hotel with horrible WiFi so thanks for bearing with me and as always become a member in the top right completely free if you enjoy reading these top tens and have a great day!

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