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Top Ten Greatest Basketball Players of all time

Updated: Mar 17

A highly debated topic so let's see where we rank the players on the Top Ten all-time list.

10.) Stephen Curry

In our opinion, Steph Curry is the greatest shooter of all time and theirs really nothing he can’t do on the offensive end which leaves him in our number 10 spot.

9.) Shaquille O’Neal

How can you not include Shaq. Him and Johnson were the two forces that lead to the Lakers success.

8.) Bill Russell

With the most NBA titles under his belt it’s hard to exclude him from the greatest of all time and was definitely a force on all ends of the floor.

7.) Magic Johnson

He is undoubtedly the best point guard of all time and it was about time he made our list coming in at number 7.

6.) Wilt Chamberlain

With the number 6 spot we have wilt because he was able to score a ton of points throughout his career and scored 100 during a time without three pointers.

5.) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

This is no debate. Kareem definitely deserves a spot on the top 5 as the NBA's all-time leading scorer and the first great user of the hook shot.

4.) Larry Bird

Larry was known to be the greatest trash talker in the NBA but he was also an outstanding player and was known to some people as the greatest shooter of all time. He was a great defender and is one of the main reasons for the Celtics holding the most titles in NBA history.

3.) Kobe Bryant

Kobe like Jordan was one of the most clutch players of all time. He was fearless, a scorer, and a superb defender. He deserves this spot at number 3.

2.) Lebron James

Lebron is an absolute maniac. He’s been good his entire career. He‘s super old now and some would say he’s still in his prime.

1.) Michael Jordan

He’s an absolute beast. One of the most clutch players of all time and practically whatever team he was on was good. He won three championship. Then played baseball while the Bulls were horrible then came back and won another three.

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