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Top Ten Most Powerful Marvel Superheroes

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Hey everybody, I’m finally back from that little break I had been sick so I was just taking some downtime but the important thing is I’m back and I tested negative for COVID-19. Anyway without further ado let’s get into today’s list as I am a huge avengers fan and it was about time I made this list.

10.) Captain America

So to start off we have Captain America. Most would put him higher but he just doesn’t have magical or crazy abilities that set him above the rest. He is great at fighting and has honestly annoying courage and optimism but that doesn’t get him moving on.

9.) Black Panther

Now, Black Panther is basically the same person as Captain America but he has a tiny edge over cap as his serum or source of his power is a flower infused with vibration nutrients and I‘m gonna guess it gives T’challa greater power than the super soldier serum. He also has a Vibranium suit with a kinetic burst and sharp claws that just barely edge out Cap.

8.) Hulk

There isn’t much to say about the Hulk. Everyone can see his muscles and his anger that can take down just about everybody who doesn‘t have magic powers so with that being said he edges out the superhumans but doesn’t beat the Asgardians or wizards.

7.) Valkyrie

Now, this one many are going to argue about but it’s the truth. We saw a small scene where Valkyrie was able to beat the Hulk because of his clumsiness and she was able to use her Asgardian strength against him. Since Cap and Black Panther are basically the same I’m going to make another comparison. Cap had a really hard time beating Loki in Avengers 1 but Valkyrie was able to take him down with basically ease. This just sets her above the others.

6.) Iron Man

Now, this whole list is just gonna be about who would win in a fight and I feel that Iron Man has proved his fighting ability against a lot of these heroes. He almost took down Cap and The Winter Soldier and basically just got unlucky so he edges Cap and Black Panther out. With his suits from the hulk buster armor up he out plays the Hulk and any other super human with his armor and weapons which puts him at borderline top 5.

5.) Vision

We saw Vision easily take down Hawkeye and basically he would be able to take anyone down who doesn’t have alien magic that could elude his crazy phasing power. It is practically impossible to take him down which is why I was honestly disappointed by his performance in Infinity War. Other than that, he is super powerful.

4.) Scarlett Witch

Some would say that after WandaVision she should rank higher on this list but she really doesn’t. War Machine was able to easily defeat her with some weird microwave thing which is a huge weakness giving her oppressors the slight edge in battle. Some would say she beats the top three with her mind powers but she has to be up close to warp their mind but if they expect it then they will be just fine. Borderline top 3.

3.) Doctor Strange

Now, he is the most magical person there is so it would truly be very difficult to defeat him without an infinity stone. He can bring you to new dimension, cast tons of weird spells that we haven’t even seen yet and not to mention he wields the time stone which is a very valuable asset in battle which is truly what sets him apart. He definitely deserves his spot in the top 3.

2.) Captain Marvel

Basically a walking infinity stone and she basically ties the number one and to spoil it, it’s Thor but, most would say they tie and they probably do but what sets her below Thor is she got lucky and was given her power whereas Thor will always be a powerful god. They have the same speed, strength and durability but Thor just has power naturally and is just cooler in my opinion.

1.) Thor

Finally, we have made it to number 1. Everything was covered in the number 2 really and only edges Captain Marvel out because he is naturally strong and is cooler and I personally find Norse mythology very interesting. Thor being one of the strongest asgardians, he was worthy of Mjolnir, Almost killed Thanos with all the infinity stones and got unlucky, super durable and was able to take the force of a star. Lastly, he actually got smarter as the movies went on and eventually began to be one step ahead of Loki’s schemes and betrayals. Thor is my favorite avenger and is just plain out the strongest.

Hey everybody, I hope you enjoy today’s list as it was very anticipated given how I already made the villains list. However, once again I hope you enjoyed and you can become a member in the top right button or go to the exclusive members page, whatever works just have some fun and have a great rest of your day!

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