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Top Ten Most Powerful Marvel Villains

Hey everybody, I'm back with another Marvel post because there is so much to talk about. There are a ton of lists with Marvel so why not make a list associated for the bad guys. Some of them are your crazy magic unearthly beings and others are just normal but without further ado let's get day 6 poppin'.

10.) Loki

Now, to get started we have the one and only Asgardian god of mischeif. Loki is super good at hand to hand combat with his primary weapon of choice being the dagger. Loki is also very good at conjuring a large number of Magic spells and very nearly killed Thanos.

9.) The Black Order

Now, the Black Order technically isn’t a singular villain but they do come in a complete package with one of them covering an aspect of combat.

Corvus Glave provides the element of surprise for the group. Ebony Maw brings the wise magic ability. Cull Obsidian is the powerhouse heavy hitter of the group and Proxima Midnight provides that great hand to hand combat. Combined they are a pretty tough bunch.

8.) Ronan the Accuser

Next we have Ronan the Accuser, he was very powerful in terms of having control of a very strong military. The Sakkarans are focused on containment and clutching the opposer in. With this power of a good military it packs on with his strong immortal body. He was able to hold the power stone and when he put it in the staff thing it made him almost unbeatable.

7.) Ultron

A huge threat to the Avengers and was a very cool and unique villain. He is based on the AI of the mind stone and posed a huge threat to the Avengers. At the end, he had a virtually indestructible adamantium shell that made him super powerful. He is the strongest earthly villain because he was everywhere on the internet and it was impossible to kill him completely until Vision burnt him out of the net. He is not to mention super cool because he’s not an actual living thing.

6.) The Destroyer

Most would argue that the Destroyer wasn’t an actual villain because he was just doing his job to obey the kings orders but if you do consider him a villain he is a beast. His armor is a magic enchanted armor that was thought to be harder and stronger than Uru. If you don’t know what Uru is it basically one of the strongest metals in the MCU and is enhanceable by an asgardian. He can’t be killed by any weapon and shoots a super powerful blast that destroys everything like Odin‘s staff Gungnir. The only way to kill him is the way Thor did in the first Thor movie by basically using his own blasts against him.

5.) Hela

Now, some would say she is higher but the others would just simply win in a fight against her, Infinity Stone Thanos beats her, Dormammu beats her, Ego beats her and Surtur already beat her. She is super strong and ruthless but at a certain point it comes down to magic ability and size. Hela uses obsidian swords that make her a super cool villain but just didn’t have the chops to move past number 5.

4.) Ego

Now that we are getting to the higher ranked it comes down to who would win in a fight. Ego doesn’t win against any of the rest of the people just like Hela. He is virtually unbeatable as his weakspot is at the core of a planet. Thanos would beat him with the reality stone, Dormammu has unlimited power and would overtake the planet, and Surtur would just bury his sword to the core like he did to Asgard. Ego was a super cool villain because his body was basically just pure energy.

3.) Surtur

The big and tall fire demon was definitely one of the coolest villains standing taller than the golden castle in Asgard with his awesome fire sword. I’m not just gonna keep comparing the top 5 so to make this simple Surtur is number 3 for his size and super cool, strong and awesome fire abilities.

2.) Thanos(Infinity War)

Thanos really knew how to use the stones in the perfect way. He could do anything with the stones. He could make purple blasts with the power stone. Control people with the mind stone. Reverse time with the time stone. Bring people back to life with the soul stone. Go anywhere in the universe with the space stone. Lastly he could change reality to whatever wanted. The only reason he isn‘t one is he is still vulnerable to a sneak attack.

1.) Dormammu

Lastly, it’s hard to debate the fact that Dormammu is 1. Dormammu was never actually killed he was just blackmailed. He has unlimited power and it’s impossible to actually land a hit on him even with an infinity stone. He can easily defeat any villain on this list besides Thanos who he would still beat just not easily. He has unlimited power and he can’t be defeated, hasn‘t been defeated and never will be defeated.

Hey everybody, I hope you enjoyed todays list as it was focused on the bad guys. I loved making it and I hope you loved reading it. As always become a member to access the new members page where you can follow and chat with other members in the community. If you ever have ideas post them in the community page and I‘ll look into them. Have a fantastic day!

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